​​​​​Shop to save the life of a rescued dog or cat

Commissions received from products sold from our website will be donated to the non-profit rescue group SOCA-FB (Save Our Companion Animals).

As a community we have raised money for several sick /injured dogs & cats. I am hoping people will share this website with others so that we can donate the funds to SOCA. They are so good at what they do - arranging foster care, finding rescue groups outside of Texas, transporting and raising funds.

if you can't adopt, support by donating.

If you would like to sponsor vetting for any of the dogs/cats that would be greatly appreciated. Vetting includes shots, blood work, spay/neuter, flea/tick treatment & micro-chipping. When a dog/cat is completely vetted there is less of a chance of them being euthanized. Volunteers work hard to get these fur babies fostered & adopted into loving homes. Wanting to adopt but don't live nearby? There is a possibility we can help transport them to you! SOCA works with rescue groups & transports on a regular basis. Message us if you are interested.

Need a tax receipt? - no problem - they are a non-profit group. Whenever I see little Simba's face, I think back how we all came together and raised money for his care. When dogs come to FBAC some have health issues, expensive ones, but if "Shop To Save Lives" becomes known by others and people use the links to make purchases, we will be able to help fund the health of many precious fur babies.

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