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Freeway was found on the freeway looking like a piece of an old tire, with mange and heartworms. Such a sad fate for a 4 year old dog with a beautiful disposition and a perpetually wagging tail. He has found a forever home right here in our community.

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Simba was found in a ditch and had Demodectic mange but has had treatment in a foster home with our funding. He is a really sweet boy and deserves a second chance. Animals like him have little hope if they are sent to a shelter.


This little guy was found lying in the street with a broken leg. We were able to quickly find a foster home and get him to the vet for medical treatment. Lucky now has a forever home with one of our grateful residents.

Gracie Luna

Poor little Gracie was caught in one of our cat traps. She was taken to the vet and found to have breast cancer and heartworms. She received treatment thanks to a very generous donor and found a forever home after help from a few volunteer foster parents.

Help us to help animals in need in the Fort Bend area. Your donation will truly make a big difference to our cause.  We will apply the money in the best possible way to make sure the largest number of animals are saved.

Many lost and homeless animals are in dire need of medical attention, surgery, grooming to remove burrs, fleas and ticks, heartworm and intestinal parasite treatments.  Getting this attention often greatly enhances the possibility of foster homes or adoption into a forever home.

We also use funds to help with the spaying and neutering of feral cats to reduce the population humanely.

Please help in any way you can, whether it is a one-time donation or a generous monthly donation. 

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