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We are proudly affiliated with the New Territory Group which has a high success rate in returning lost pets to their owners, as well as rehoming pets not claimed by former owners. We keep as many local pets as we can safe from being euthanized or living hard lives on the streets.

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It's painful to know that 84% of animals in Texas shelters are being euthanized.  Rescuers & volunteers work hard to find new families for these pets but funding is limited and we can't save them all. As members of our society we want to do our part in helping to save more animals from being euthanized or suffering with serious injuries.

This website was formed to help contribute to medical bills - getting these lost animals directly to the veterinarian.  Help us by making a donation today.

We started out as a community based Lost & Found group and saw the need for further expanding to increase the funding of our projects.  

We are constantly seeking out new ways to help lost and homeless animals in Sugar Land and find them loving homes. The more money that can be raised = how many pets we can save. 

Donate today and know that we will make the best possible use of the money we raise to help them find forever homes and live long healthy lives.

New Territory Lost and Found Pet Group

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